Author Topic: Would you grasp the exact same approach in behalf of convertible preferreds  (Read 9 times)


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This is related to cours ethereum the authentic question of this mail: referring to the Costco 10-Q, pg 26, in the Long-Term Accountable branch, it apparently says that in the 1H of fiscal 2005, $266.6M of principal was converted into 9.4M shares and in 1H of 2006, $164.9M of starring was converted into 5.6M shares. I don't comprehend how the evaluate of these appropriation totals is enormous the max shares convertible chassis of 9,430,147 stipulated in the 10-K because of the 3.5% zero-coupon converts. My take of convertibles are that there is a defined amount of shares convertible representing each note/bond at a predetermined conversion price. Granted this understanding comes from interest-bearing converts with $1000 second-rate and say 20:1 conversion proportion, i didn't recollect it would different in mechanics with zero-coupon. Could you unravel this?